Boyd campaign CEO celebrates nine years since “Barack the Magic Negro” controversy

Across the nation, Americans are reeling from a weekend of Christmas festivities, some enjoying silence after days of hearing ramblings from that racist uncle everyone seems to have.

And for Chip Saltsman, today marks the ninth anniversary of everyone knowing he is the racist uncle.

On December 26, 2008, Saltsman celebrated Christmas by mailing CD‘s featuring the song “Barack the Magic Negro” to members of the Republican Party.

At the time Saltsman was a candidate for chairman of the Republican National Committee. To no one’s surprise, Saltsman had to drop out of the race.

He did not apologize for promoting a song calling then president-elect Obama a racial slur, but instead took to MSNBC to defend his comments.  Saltsman called the album entitled “We Hate the USA” satire, seeing nothing wrong with describing Obama as a “negro.”

Saltsman has had several different employers in the nine years since his tasteless Christmas gift. Saltsman spent this Christmas on the payroll of a self-described moderate who “refuses to take Barack Obama’s name in vain.”

Gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd chose to hire Saltsman as his campaign CEO despite the racially tinged RNC loss and a lawsuit for defamation filed against Saltsman after the 2010 election cycle.

Boyd has yet to publicly address Saltsman’s controversial past, though it’s an open secret that Saltsman and Boyd are butting heads over Boyd’s lack of grassroots support.  The internal dynamic is further complicated because Boyd’s more moderate inner circle has never been comfortable with Saltsman’s Huckabee ties.

Campaign staff shakeups are nothing new for moderate GOP campaigns in Tennessee.  Saltsman’s problems may prove to be the next example of a struggling campaign trying to right the ship.

2 Replies to “Boyd campaign CEO celebrates nine years since “Barack the Magic Negro” controversy”

  1. Recent developments in the Boyd campaign including Saltzman’s selection will guarantee that my contributions, financial and otherwise, will be invested in backing Randy’s opponent.
    #oneof14,000 #equalrights #Americanvalues


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