Conservative gubernatorial candidate Mae Beavers silent on Moore controversy

It’s election day in Alabama, and the ripples of this special election are causing tidal waves in Tennessee. While the rest of nation is closely watching to see if a Democrat can beat a man accused of child molestation, Tennesseans are watching to see if any elected officials decide to break their silence on the controversial race.

Since the Washington Post broke the story of four women accusing former Chief Justice Roy Moore of courting and touching them when some were as young as 14, Democrats and even a few daring Republicans across the country have found harmony in their calls for his exit.

But in Tennessee, the elected officials who were closest to Moore have found the greatest distance from him since the allegations. Congressional candidate and former state senator Mark Green has not spoken out or condemned Moore’s alleged actions, even after President Trump began campaigning for Moore.

Embracing his newfound boldness from not seeking reelection, Senator Bob Corker has said supporting Moore was “a bridge too far” even before the allegations.

The politics of the Moore scandal are not surprising. The most unexpected twist of the story comes from one Tennessee politician’s silence on the issue.

In what is perhaps the greatest exercise of self-control her lifetime has ever seen, Mae Beavers has yet to call the women making accusations against Moore liars and sinners.

Considering her record on taking firm policy positions that often oppose any even resembling a pro-female sentiment, it is truly unbelievable that Beavers has been able to go this long without attacking these women.

The Trump supporter has been in the public eye as some form of office holder since 1990 when she began serving on the Wilson County Commission when her husband told her to. She has since built up a reputation of being an outspoken critic of other women.

Just last year, Beavers took advantage of an opportunity to discredit women of the legislature for her own gain.

Beavers responded to an Attorney General investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct of former state Rep. Jeremy Durham the way anyone would: by dismissing the testimonies of 22 women as “rumors” and sponsoring a resolution to make the Attorney General an elected position.

Beavers told Breitbart:

“If the Attorney General’s office and the Speaker have engaged in collecting and documenting ‘gossip and rumors’ about legislators and staffers as an expanded part of the Ad Hoc investigation into Rep. Jeremy Durham, then there should be an immediate and full investigation into what was asked, who was questioned, what has been compiled, what communications have taken place between the Speaker and the Attorney General during the investigation, and for what purpose,” Beavers tells Breitbart News.

“The mere appearance that this investigation has evolved into collecting dirt on political rivals and enemies is outrageous and unacceptable,” Beavers adds.

“The fact that it even ‘might’ be happening underlines why we need an independent, elected Attorney General who answers to the people of Tennessee rather than the Capitol Hill political insiders,” she continues.

Beavers couldn’t be bothered with entertaining the legitimacy of female claims of sexual misconduct, despite The Tennessean later discovered that 460 sexual complaints had been filed in state government from 2010 to 2016, not even including the complaints made in the General Assembly.

As one of only six women in the Senate at the time of her resignation, Beavers has spent her career in politics in the female minority, but you couldn’t tell by her actions. In a world where there are only so many seats for females at the table, Beavers chooses to insult and discredit the women she sees as competition instead of just pulling up another chair.

In the most unexpected turn of events in the 2018 gubernatorial race yet, Beavers has managed to find the “largest group” of Republican women in the state for a photo opportunity. It is difficult to say what is more shocking: the “largest group” of conservative women in the state consists of four women, or that Beavers held back saying negative things about other women long enough for a picture to be taken.

After all, look at her “friendship” with Kay White.

White is an avid Tea Party advocate who dropped her support for Beavers to become a gubernatorial candidate herself.

What happened? If you scroll a few months-worth of misused hashtags, stock images of the American flag and ALL CAPS #NEVERHASLAM rants eight years too late, you’ll find White’s explanation in a July Facebook post.

“To put this to rest for once and for all, I have been questioned by numerous sources about why I decided NOT to endorse and help Mae Beavers in her quest for governor of Tennessee.”

“After much soul searching, observation and prayer, I decided to leave her campaign. As others found out about this decision, I was encouraged by many who knew my character and extensive political experience to enter the race. I spent several days in prayer seeking God’s will and felt that I was led to this decision.”

White also told the Nashville Scene:

“I think that it’s time we have a woman in office, who will analyze things and make the best decisions for the state,” White said.

So why isn’t that woman Beavers? Did they have a falling out, we asked?

“I think she’s a great, wonderful person,” White said. “But some people affiliated with her campaign have caused me to doubt her judgement, which concerns me as far as who she’d appoint should she win.”

White praised Beavers’ legislative stances, including voting against a gas tax increase, but said that in the end, that wasn’t enough.

“I feel that I would be a much stronger and better judge of character, and I was encouraged by many people — even some in Nashville — to enter the race,” White said.

With “friends” like these, Beavers’ treatment of other women is understandable, not justified.

Beavers’ history of choosing to do the exact opposite of what a normal, compassionate person would do has made her silence against Moore deafening.

This is the perfect opportunity for Beavers to reinforce that she has no loyalties to other women or anything other than the GOP itself, but she’s choosing to let it pass. Instead of standing beside President Trump’s endorsement of Moore, the self-proclaimed Iron Lady is quietly setting this one out.

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